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M.I.T. Metallurgy & Inorganic Technology

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M.I.T. Metallurgy & Inorganic Technology

Main Focus Upcycling since 1998

MITechnology is a small sized enterprise which is developing projects, processes and products in the core areas circular economy, CO2 minimisation and thermochemical upcycling of problematic residues to marketable reusable material.

The current main focus pursuits the thermochemical transformation of sewage sludge into phosphorus, cement and exergy according to the patented FlashPhos method. 

The development of an unprecedented granulation method for transforming mineral melts into cement (including the recovery of melt heat on high temperature level) represents another significant working field. The potential annual global CO2 savings are estimated to be around 650 mio t. 

Typical Procedure of MITechnology: 

Definition of the problem/issue – Finding of a concept

The questioning usually emerges from a difficulty in the practical application of an industrial process. MITechnology examines possible solution approaches in its own laboratory. 

Invention/Patenting and validation of process

Process validation follows after patenting. Usually a lead costumer is already involved at this stage. This can include a collaboration with universities or funding through the EU or Austrian national funding programmes.

Acquisition of customer/marketing and implementation

The implementation evolves through the takeover of IPs or licensing to an interested party. We provide technical and acquisitive support to our customer until the commissioning and the market introduction of the process and its products. Acquisitive support for the purchase of raw materials.

About DI Alfred Edlinger

Alfred Edlinger descends from the oldest dyer family of Austria. 

Therefore his interest for chemistry was roused. 

After studying technical chemistry and process engineering, he worked as project engineer in water and sewage fields processing with the Swiss company CHRIST, based in Basel.


More than 600 patents testify to innovation activity:

Click on the picture to learn more about the innovations of MITechnology and Alfred Edlinger as inventor (GERMAN Text only)

His developments got acknowledged with several innovation prizes:

  • Innovation prize of the federal state of Vorarlberg 2006

  • Austrian national prize “Econovius” for innovation 2007
  • nomination for the Austrian IP of the year “Inventum” 2012

  • TÜV Austria research award 2018

Apart from collaborating with industry partners, working together with universities and technical schools is essential for us.


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Mobil: +43 (0)664-3245665
E-Mail: office@MITechnology.at